DoorLink Manufacturing Inc. Painting Instructions

Your doorLink Garage Door can be painted using high quality 100% acrylic latex exterior grade paint. Oil Based or Alkyd Paints may not be used when painting your doorLink Garage Door.

Painting Instructions

Door Preparation – Before painting, door should be free of any surface contaminations such as dirt, dust, oils or waxes. Clean the surface thoroughly by lightly scrubbing with warm soapy water (Do not use an abrasive cleaner). Rinse thoroughly and allow door surface to dry completely.

Be sure not to sand the surface of the metal door.

Test Paint – It is always a good idea to test a small area of the door prior to painting the entire door. This will test the color and proper adhesion. After the test area has completely dried according to the paint manufacturer’s instructions you will be able to test the adhesion by using a masking tape. Apply masking tape to the painted area and then peel to check for adhesion.

Painting – Once surface preparation is complete and you have achieved satisfactory results from the paint test you may begin painting your door. The manufacturers painting instructions should be followed painting the door. A second coat of paint should only be applied after the first coat has dried completely according to manufacturer’s instructions.

Check manufacturer’s instructions for surface temperature range during painting.

For more information on Painting or Maintaining a doorLink Garage Door, please call (816) 474-3900.

Maintenance – Periodically spray your door off with soap and water and once a year have your door serviced by a qualified garage door company.